Vocal Services

Voice of One Heart

Private Sessions


Singing  connects  to your love and devotion.  The Divine is present.  It raises your vibration and quiets the mind.

Private sessions are for those who love the instrument of voice or who want to become more open to being in relationship with their voice.

  • Unblock energy to open up your heart and throat chakras
  • Neuro Lingusitic Programming to unblock past belief systems (of singing in front of people or not liking your voice)
  • Energy therapy (Divine intervention) to clear our blockages
  • Practice toning and special voice exercises to open up your throat and heart chakra
  • Sessions are geared to individual intentions
  • Learn songs and melody lines.

It’s recommended that you commit to a minimum of three sessions if your goal is to open up your heart and throat chakras.


Check the calendar for open dates

4 SriPremaDharmadhatu

“Thank you for the beautiful session. I truly Loved the experience. There were times that I felt as if I was being sung….WOW!”
Debbie F/ Angel Specialist
Wycoff, New Jersey