About Teri’s Work


Teri is an energy therapist trained & initiated by master teacher Derek O’Neill.  Her greatest gift is an open heart and steadfast faith in “Whatever happens in your life is meant to awaken you, not to harm you.”   There are tools that are perfect in any moment of time to awaken you with the “ah-ha” moment .  Yes, there is perfection in imperfection.  The motivation to change and apply the teachings will keep you moving forward.  There are souls who are ready to change and transform.

Teri has been trained and initiated by Derek O’Neill . She is certified to facilitate the following teachings and modalities:

Teri is also a


She is a gold member of SQ Wellness, an organization dedicated to serving  humanity with love, compassion and higher consciousness. SQ members are a community of professionals, spiritual students, practitioners and hearts from all over the world who have chosen to strengthen their commitment to the well being and development of themselves and others.

We at Sq believe that the unseen spirit is stronger, more elegant and more resiliant than anything else.  That is why we serve spirit and it serves the body.  this is not religion, this is reality