My Story

I was 8 years of age when I began to notice I had a strong inner voice saying. “Stay true to the truth, follow your heart and you will find what you need this lifetime.”

Although I was so young, I knew what it meant. I waited with a faith that was far beyond my conscious mind and my youth. I knew on a deep level that there was something bigger than myself and that bigger something was going to claim me if I stayed true.

I waited diligently as I grew into an adult , married and had a daughter. For over 20 years I ran two arts in education companies, putting on inspiring musical theatre programs for children in elementary schools in the tri-state area.

On June 16, 2003, I found what I had been waiting for to claim me. . It was a true teacher, the one I had known would show up . Derek O’Neill  was facilitating a workshop at the United Nations and I was there in the audience.. When he walked on the stage , I knew immediately…this is what I had been waiting for.

Since that day in 2003, I have studied and opened my heart to true a master teacher who has been the purest mirror. I have been given many opportunities to confront my demons and misqualified energies. I was given the insight to look inside my unconscious mind and heal past wounds so I could recognize that I was creating everything. I was given tools and energy therapies to assist my ascension into connection to the spiritual world. I am trusting  that my imperfections are perfect  and that they give me the opportunity to  look at myself , accept myself, change myself  and love myself  into wholeness.

It is my service and joy to share these tools and energy therapies I have learned with you.

Here are some of the basic truths that I have integrated into my life:
• It is in the balancing of the positive and negative energies and remaining neutral that we find peace
• Maintain steadfast faith
• Live the 5 human values of love, truth, peace ,right conduct and non-violence
• Any painful thing that happens to us is a lesson, not meant to harm us but to enlighten you

It is by grace that we are given freedom.

My mission is to share all the teachings and tools I have learned. I invite you to run them by your inner teacher and use them if they bring remembrance.