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Similar to the benefits of group
meditation, when people gather with
a specific intent such as healing or
peace, the universe responds with
energetic support greater than what
we can achieve on our own

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The combination of group sharing,
inspirational teachings, meditation, and
music creates an ideal environment to
help us identify our own issues and their
root-cause – so we can get a better
understanding of their message, and let
the healing begin

C  SriPremapranahuti-Public-01

An opportunity to identify blockages, patterns,
and beliefs that are contributing to the challenges in your life.
You will also learn proven healing techniques to
guide you back to wellness.

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At the door: $35

Pre-paid (Recommended): $30

First Time Attendees: No Fee

More Truth Will Set You Free™ workshops were developed by Derek O’Neill, Master
Teacher, internationally acclaimed therapist, motivational speaker, author, martial arts sensei and humanitarian.

Derek O’Neill speaks about More Truth Will Set You Free: