RISING STAR Initiation

B SriRisingStar

A Rising Star  Spiritual Initiation creates a beautiful sacred space as it involves the transfer of energy from Source to the Initiate. This source energy awakens a consciousness or energy within. As the Initiate’s consciousness rises, their perspective shifts to a higher vision, and they are able to make higher choices in their daily life, thus supporting their spiritual growth.

When we are drawn to receive a spiritual initiation, it is because that Initiation is part of our destiny, part of our spiritual journey towards enlightenment. Often the energy or consciousness awakened with an Initiation already lies within us, and the time is ripe for that energy to rise.

We are drawn to spiritual initiations when we realize that the physical world is not the ultimate  truth.  We are ready to commit to being in service to humanity and raising our vibration. We search for more meaning in life, and find that closer connection with Source is the only path to fulfillment and discovering our True Self. We are ready to “walk our talk”.  We are committing to the higher path.

Upon receiving this powerful Initiation, your vibration will increase and you will move forward on your spiritual path, healing yourself and releasing more of the negative ego that keeps you stuck in old patterns. You become a clearer channel through which these healing energies can flow to assist others.

Even if you do not plan to offer sessions to others, once the energy of the Rising Star is within your aura, that healing energy will benefit all who come into your energy field. Becoming a Practitioner of the Rising Star will allow you to be of greater service to yourself, others and the Divine.

This Initiation may only be received in-person.

It is suggested to receive at least one Rising Star Healing session on yourself, to experience the process before you take the Initiation, but this is not mandatory.

It is also highly suggested to become a working member of SQ Wellness upon receiving the Initiation, so that once part of the Lineage you may enjoy the many benefits of membership afforded to you, such as the posting of your website information, many important updates from Derek O’Neill (Founder of SQ-Wellness) and most importantly the protection of legitimacy having aligned with this world wide and vital healing organization.

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