Awaken Fair

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A W A K E N   F A I R


Gold Ballroom.Healer’s Section
401 Seventh Avenue
Enter on West 33rd. St.
​New York, NY 10001


O M    P U R N A M  H E A L I N G

(Om Purnam means Wholeness)


 Using gentle touch healing…..the facilitator places her hands over the client’s energy centers (chakras) . The facilitator sings Om Purnam and a pure and sacred high vibrational energy from source flows to the client.
During the healing….The outside world disappears and you are directed inwards to your sacred energy.

Source energy will be transferred to your chakra systems beginning from the crown chakra (top of your head) down to your root chakra (the base of the spine) Your mind becomes quiet and your body relaxes, shifting you into the present moment. Deep peace fills the energy centers (chakras) and you remember you are loved, cherished and whole. The energy of wholeness heals on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual.


Result…..  You own that you have the strength to let go of attachments to any unhealthy situations . You become less attached to the suffering as you become stronger- you let go of your wounds, you expand your consciousness. You begin to recognize your victim consciousness, (which is not whole) and commit to being in your power, which IS  whole.


Om-That Is The Whole-This Is The Whole.-From Wholeness Emerges Wholeness.-Wholeness Coming From Wholeness,-Wholeness Still Remains.